Role of 'Lobbying' in the US Foreign Policy: A Comparative Study of AIPAC and USINPAC:


Lobbying has been an important part of the American Domestic and Foreign Policy Process. "Lobbying" simply means "A group of like minded People or Groups coming together to achieve their desired demands from the existing government. But this particular Group or Groups which unites for the sake of their pre-decided agenda, works for the attainment of desired goals do employ different methods and tactics to persuade or influence the Government in Power". These methods and tactics could be of different kinds at the legislative and executive level, but certainly (ideally speaking) not at the Judiciary level.


When we talk of lobbying in the US Foreign Policy, many domestic level issues do croup up be it the National Rifles Association (NRA), American Association for the Retired People, American Civil Liberties Groups and different ethnically divided groups such as American-Cuban Lobby, the Irish-American Lobby, the Hispanic Lobby, and the American Jewish Lobby and the Indian American Lobby. The present paper tries to explain how the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the United States India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) work on the Capitol Hill to lobby for their respective countries namely Israel and India. A Sincere attempt has been made to study the different methods and tactics followed by both the lobbies in discussion. Moreover, the present paper would like to take up the American Jewish lobby, to be precise the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) hereinafter referred as AIPAC and examine the methods and tactics that are executed by this lobby to influence the US Middle East Policy towards the Israeli state in particular. At the same time an attempt would be made to look at the functioning of the Indian-American lobby in the US (to be precise USINPAC) and to draw a critical comparative line between the AIPAC and USINPAC. The main objective of this present study is to highlight the methods and techniques employed by these groups and to come out with potential riders for the USINPAC.


Guns and Roses:


My heart bleeds, I am very pained at the Horrific crime committed by Ryan Lanza who is responsible for this shoot out at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut, USA on 15th Dec,2012.


Who is responsible for this? The Second Amendment to US constitution provides the right to bear Arm or firearm. But this particular right is restricted to Ones home only in other words to protect oneself from enemy who got into ones home but what’s happening is something awful, frustrated, insane people use this constitutional right to cause maximum damage to the innocent people. this time around children are at the receiving at the end ( About 20 children got killed)


National Rifles Association and Gun Owners of America are fighting for the right to bear Arms and help spread Gun Culture in the US.


Politicians are more or less tight lipped about Massive firearms produced in the US. there should be a worldwide movement against this Gun Culture. The Anti-Gun Movement should be world over banning this Gun Culture. God bless America & God bless the World from this menace. India should learn lessons from this episode and implement strict measures against Gun culture.


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